Big Spoon Roasters - Espresso Nut Butter, 10oz

by myPanier

Distinctly rich, molasses-like sweetness in harmony with the espresso’s signature notes of dark cherry and baking spice.

The Story Behind this Expresso Nut Butter:

Our second Espresso nut butter recipe is made in collaboration with our neighbors and friends at Carrboro Coffee Roasters. It combines freshly roasted and milled heirloom Mission almonds and peanuts with Carrboro's Red Sunset Espresso, raw NC wildflower honey, and a pinch of hand-harvested sea salt.

The Red Sunset Espresso blend is a delightful combination of two uniquely delicious coffees. When put together, the molasses and floral citrus of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe variety turns into a sweet red cherry from the attributes of the Sumatra Royal Badger variety. This also lends a spice element, making the blend ideal to complement the flavors of fresh-roasted nuts, honey, and sea salt.

We’ve noticed that most espresso-infused nut butters out there add vanilla and lots of sugar for a latte-in-a-jar effect. Our approach is simpler and more straightforward, focusing on the tastes and textures of the fresh-roasted nuts and coffee. We hope you like the results as much as we do! We strongly encourage you to try it spread on slices of your favorite apples.