Jacobsen - Salty Black Licorice Box, 7.3 oz

by myPanier

Black licorice with notes of caramel, molasses, anise, and Jacobsen Sea Salt. Dark, intriguing and delicious, we think it’s a taste worth acquiring!

  • Each box contains 24 individually wrapped candies

Background on these Salty Black Licorice Box:

If there's anything that can stake a claim to being a pioneer in the sweet-meets-salty landscape, it’s licorice. The Scandinavians are the true masters of the dark art of licorice, and it was there we got hooked on the stuff. Even in the world of sweets, some things are an acquired taste. And while the tart, bracing licorice of Northern Europe was our inspiration, we wanted something a little more approachable. We landed on a recipe that honors the licorice we loved, but allows for a slightly less abrasive experience.