Pastificio dei Campi - Pennoni - Pasta di Gragnano, 500g

by myPanier

Like traditional Penne, the Pennoni boasts a sharp diagonal cut and a ridged surface. With its wider shape, however, it pairs well with hearty meat or vegetable sauces that easily slides into its tube and clings on.

Cooking time:

  • 12 minutes

Background on Pastificio dei Campi's Gragnano Pasta:

Only exceptional pasta will remain "al dente" after cooking. This is the result of the raw materials and processes used to make the pasta. Pastificio dei Campi uses premium durum wheat to maintain the nutritional values of its pasta. This type of durum wheat has a protein content of 14% compared to an average 10.5% most industrial factories use.

And that's not all. Its slow, low-temperature drying process allows the pasta to preserve its lysine, a protein component that is present in rather low levels of wheat. With a higher drying temperature, lysine will deteriorate.

And that is how simple food like semolina pasta became a product of the utmost gastronomic quality. It has become a necessity in the diet of gourmets, even those those who pay close attention to their nutrition and health.

Discover Gragnano Pasta made by Pastificio dei Campi, the first ever pasta to be completely traceable from the fields to your table!